Flying Saucer is driven by a team of good, honest, creative folk, with a reputation for delivering fantastic results across every project.

We have a strong interest in humanity, the environment, and working in an organisation where we feel inspired and challenged to make beautiful and engaging work.

From small business web videos through to large-scale TVCs, each project receives our undivided care and attention and we work side-by-side with you from concept creation through to delivery. Our job is to ensure that each and every client is communicated with, respected, and ultimately feels like they are part of the team.

We work across a range of video forms, from design-driven imagery to documentary-based video; narrative & performance-driven stories to outdoor and aerial-based videography. Based in Wellington, Flying Saucer works on locations throughout all of New Zealand – you name the town, we’ve stopped at its bakery.

We always aim to bring the best production value we can to any shoot and we match each project with the most fitting production ingredients we can. 

We win awards, we work hard (mostly) and we like to push creative boundaries.

Hamish Johnson

El Presidente

Hamish is the founder of Flying Saucer and like many business founders, he’s been responsible for a little bit of everything.  He’s recently been kicked out of producing so he can concentrate his skills directing and shooting stills.  Hamish brings a lot of creative thinking to any project, a friendly easy going manner and great understanding of what it takes to make a project better than expected. When he’s not at the helm of the ship, he can be found wrangling (not to be confused with strangling) his young kids, going for a surf or mountain bike, or putting the world to rights with some hippy eco green carry on.

ali middleton

Ali Middleton

Production Manager

Ali joined Flying Saucer in early 2018 and has taken the mantle of Production Manager which broadly means keeping the ship steady as it races through the content creation universe.  Ali looks after day to day client comms and ensuring that each person in the team knows what they are doing on any given day.  Ali brings a huge wealth of experience working in video content creation and words like spreadsheet, call- time and safety permits bring little tears of happiness to her.

Sam Kelly


Sam has been directing commercials, short films and online content since words like CD-ROM  have been around, and Sam attacks projects with a creative zeal that has producers shaking in their boots.  He is the Ying to any vegetarian Yang and if he could, he would have shares invested in EKIM burger.  Sam has recently finished his debut feature “Savage” which is due to premiere in Aotearoa in April 2020, and is now back with us Directing commercial and online projects.

Gillian Rodricks

Production Assistant

Straight outta Massey at the end of 2018, Gillian has jumped into the Production Coordination Role. Gillian ensures that the wheels of commerce keep turning at Flying Saucer (and by turning we mean paying the crew and invoicing clients ).  She’s a dab hand at sorting out schedules, permissions and ensuring the show stays on the road. Her eye for detail is dangerous and she’ll probably be running the shop before we know it.

Verity Mackintosh


When someone has 15 plus years experience in video and television production and they tell you they want to help build new areas of your business you say,  “When can you start?”.   Verity brings a wealth of experience and contacts with her, business smarts, and the ability to manage large scale projects with a ruthlessly friendly demeanour.    When she’s not working Verity is mum to three scallywags, and driver of one of the best Land Rover Defenders in the 04 region.

Charlie Bleakley


Charlie started out as a child actor and has been bringing the drama to sets ever since.  With more than a decade of experience working as a director and editor in NZ he enjoys bringing a wit and charm to his work and has a particular knack for getting entertaining and emotionally engaging performances whether in doco, drama, or comedy.  Charlie’s irreverent short film comedy ‘Coconut’ was selected for the NZ International Film Festival, was a finalist for Best Script and Best Actor and the NZ Film Awards, and won People’s Choice Award at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival and his feature film sequel ‘Banana’ is currently in development with the New Zealand Film Commission.

Patrick Roberts

Swiss-Army Knife

We conned Patrick into working for some “experience” on a shoot in early 2016. Unfortunately for our accountant, Patrick proved himself so capable that he is yet to leave. Patrick edits, shoots and assists for Flying Saucer and to be honest, we don’t quite know how we survived before he was here. He has a Master’s degree in Science Communication, specialising in Natural History Filmmaking and has largely worked on promotional corporate videos, both for the web and television. Despite being a vegetarian (which makes our Friday lunch options less exciting), we are very happy he is here.

Josiah Watson

Writer / Director

Josiah is a new Director who has a huge affiliation with landscape, narrative, and documentary styled work.  When we first saw his work we had one word ” breathtaking “. Josiah has recently graduated from Massey’s Creative Media School and has a background in photography that helps him create stunning imagery alongside very human centric narratives. Not only do you get a thoughtful approach to any piece of work, you get someone with 10K plus insta followers  – go the Gram!

Chris Maessen

Motion Graphics

Chris or BR as he is known around here, has been weaving his magic Wacom tablet in the motion graphics department for the last few years. We won’t lie, we can’t call him ours –  Chris freelances around the place but we try to keep him out of mischief as much as possible. He likes his coffee long and black, and if you get the order wrong be prepared for some brown belt Kung Fu on your ass.

 Let’s get a time in the diary to throw around some ideas.