As a production company who deal with a lot of clients directly, we often find ourselves helping a client with more than just creating a video and thinking about there social media strategy.

As part of any video briefing process with a client ( and in particular for social media application ), we like to ask a bunch of questions, some of which (not all) are below:

Things like:

– Who is your main audience?
– What is the single most important thing you are trying to communicate?
– Where is your audience?
– What do you plan on doing with your video?

More recently (well, in the last couple of years), and as part of looking after a clients’ best interests, we also ask the question:

– Do you want fries with that?

Well, not quite…but what we do talk about is how the client is engaging with social media.

Everybody is constantly banging on about the importance of creating social content, making constant bite-size pieces of shareable content, engaging with your audience in a meaningful way that builds awareness or loyalty, and all that palava.

We were so often asked about how one can achieve this that we thought it would be best to provide an example of how it worked on a recent project.

Scots College (  ) engaged us to create a 60-second promotional video for marketing purposes which you can see here:

In addition to the main video, and with the whole importance of social media content in mind, we also agreed to provide:

– a version that could be played on loop and without sound for roadshows/conferences/marketing events and;

– three 15sec ‘cutdowns’ (i.e. shorter versions of the main video) that specifically market an area of the school – in this case, the focus was on Sports, Arts and Academia which you can see below.

One of the big questions we get asked is how much this all costs?  The best answer we can give is  – not a heck of a lot more and the best thing to do is get in touch with us to talk it over!