Our collective of Directors encompasses a diverse spread of creative styles, including comedy, drama, narrative and documentary.

   We match Directors to a projects that we feel will best complements its specific requirements.



Hamish Johnson 

With a background in photography and 10 years working in the tourism industry, much of Hamish’s work is outdoors and people based.  Hamish has been directing and shooting since 2007 and regularly works on brand pieces and TVC’s across New Zealand.

LawnMaster | TVC

Sam Kelly 

Sam is an award winning Writer / Director with over 13 years experience and has worked with Flying Saucer since 2012.  From 2017 – 2019 has been working solely on his debut feature film Savage ( to be released April 2020 ).   Sam works on TVC’s and brand campaigns. 

ACC | Traumatic Brain Injury

DOC | The Alternate Route


Charlie Bleakley  

Charlie has been working with Flying Saucer since 2018.  Charlie has over 15 years of Directing experience, working on TVC’s and short films.  Much of Charlies work is comedy based, and he’s recently been Producing / Directing  a podcast series ” Eating fried chicken in the shower “.

Kiwi Wealth | Sara

NZ Jazz Festival & Boulcott Suites

Showreel 2018

Josiah Watson

Josiah graduated from Massey’s Fine Arts programme in 2018 and has been with Flying Saucer since graduation.  Josiah photographic background provides his work with strong visual focus, and his Massey final year project “Inhabit” won Gold at the 2019 Best Awards.

monumental steve

WW100 | Monumental

inhabit trailer

Inhabit | Josiah Watson