Drive VR

NZTA and Strategy Creative identified an opportunity using VR to engage with a notoriously tech savvy and tricky audience ( 15  – 20 year olds ).

Client | NZTA
Agency | Strategy Creative
Production Partner | Mixt Studio



Help learner drivers up the average pass rate for driving tests

Direct learner drivers to the NZTA website where they can access a wide range of learning to drive tools.



Learner drivers don’t have the ability to accurately identify and assess hazards whilst doing the driving test.

Learner drivers are not used to sitting next to a driving assessor whilst doing the test, therefore making it stressful.



Use a VR experience of a driving test, that would allow viewers to sit in the driver’s seat and experience what it would be like to take the driving test with a driving assessor.



We created a 4 minute section of a driving test that viewers could experience.  Along the drive we gamified the drive, where using gaze technology, the viewer was required to spot a number of hazards and use their mirrors for additional hazard spotting.

At the end of the drive viewers would get a score and then they could play again if they wished to improve upon their initial score. The video was housed in an app designed and built as part of the experience.

Download the app here!

‎Drive VR
‎Drive VR
Developer: Springload
Price: Free
Drive VR
Drive VR
Price: To be announced