Egmont Honey 360 Video

Egmont Honey have been a long time video client and we worked with them to create a VR experience for use as an international sales tool and for their factory / honey store.



Communicate the remote nature of the beehives through to the professional factory environment that processes and packages their honey for distribution.



Egmont Honey needed to demonstrate to overseas buyers the lengths they go to, to produce some of New Zealand’s purest honey.



We created a VR story that traced the origins of Manuka honey in the remote backblocks of New Zealand through to the factory environment.  Using a High Frame Rate 360 camera, we captured the bees in slow motion.  This provided the viewer with a smoother and richer experience through the headsets.



Prior to shooting, we worked on scripting and storyboarding with Egmont Honey. Shot on a variety of locations across 3 days, the video was overlaid with voiceover. Since it’s launch the video has created queues in the Auckland International airport and has been narrated into Mandarin.