My Virtual Construction Site

Client | BCITO
Agency | Eighty One
Production Partner | Mixt
The Pro Actors | Jack Sargent (Narrator)



BCITO have the task of attracting workers into 15 different types of trades all of whom are screaming out for good workers.



BCITO have identified that it is becoming harder and harder to get school leavers to make visits onto trade sites to experience what a particular trade might be more like.



Rather than trying to take people to these places, we would bring the experiences to them in a VR environment.

Users would get a glimpse of what happens in each trade.



We worked with the agency Eighty One to build a VR experience for users. 

Users can choose a trade and then experience 1 minutes worth of  “What it’s like to be onsite,” the sites, the sounds, the smells ( no, no smell quite yet, but it’s probably not far off ).  


Users could also hear about the trade from a narrator and be provided with some graphics overlays communicating key information like average duration of apprenticeship.


We also gamified part of the experience to help identify engaged uses for direct marketing, and providing a useful motivation for sharing the app to facebook.


The whole experience was built for Web and Mobile use and contains a bunch of diagnostics in the background to help BCITO more effectively target users with more information downtrack if they so desired.

Just to add a cherry on top we designed and built some VR hardhats for roadshows and school meetups.

Download the app here!

‎My Virtual Construction Site
‎My Virtual Construction Site
Developer: Mixt
Price: Free
My Virtual Construction Site
My Virtual Construction Site
Developer: Mixt Studio
Price: To be announced