Good For Nothing


A little bit about this Project

In 2013 a fine gentleman by the name of Sam Ng approached me to collaborate on an AidProject he was working on in Cambodia.  He was taking a group of 14 volunteers to Cambodia to help in their areas of expertise with a variety of NGO’s for a week.

I was asked to come along and document the week and put together a piece that reflected their journey while over there. In doing so I ended up in a number of situations I would never have otherwise found myself and it would be fair to say, the journey was profoundly affecting.

This is a short selection of shots that encapsulated my time over there.  Working with organisations on “good cause” projects is something we endeavor to do on a reasonably regular basis – it feels nice in a warm fozzy bear kinda way.

Our Approach

Shot over 8 days in Phnom Penh on Canon 5D.

Edited by Hamish Johnson

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