A little bit about this Project

Shot at 300 fps to really capture the magic, we put Steven Hawking’s mathematical formula to test:

Kids + dress ups + bubbles = x (where x = cool times, that’s what we found out!)

Working upon the premise of Theatre of theMmind, we collaborated with The Church (now Designworks) to produce 13 videos. They were based on the idea that we could get an audience to properly immerse themselves in, and absorb a compelling moment in time.

Each concert for the 2014  season required its own unique video based around two things – a piece of music from the concert and a singular idea that we felt could be open to interpretation by each viewer.

The Team:

Producer & Director: Hamish Johnson
Production Manager: Ants Faifai
Agency: The Church (now Designworks)
DOP: David Paul
Lighting: Byron Sparrow
Styling: Gabrielle Stevenson
Makeup: Dara Wakely
Camera: RED Epic @ 300fps
Studio: Avalon

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