High Temperature Super what?  That’s pretty much what we said when this project walked through the door!

With creative options wide open we pitched a graphics look-and-feel that was embraced immediately by the client as being on-brand and upmarket. We ended up producing one video and two series of stills shots for the client to showcase individual products and the process that goes into making them.

Three elements stood out as reasons for happy clients at the end of this project. Firstly, spending time in the pre-production figuring out exactly what this thing was, how it worked and why it was so different to any other product in the world. Secondly, Christopher Maessen’s graphics pitch was, at the time (2011), pretty cutting edge for corporate communications. Thirdly and lastly (and as always), our amazing crew! Thanks to everyone involved.

The Team

Producer & Creative Director: Hamish Johnson
Director: Hamish Waterhouse
DOP: Mike Nelson
Camera: FS7

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