In the aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquakes, the New Zealand Government decided to boost the funding of the New Zealand USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team to help in its push to gain full international accreditation.

A process that began 20 years ago culminated in a 2-day exercise where the NZ USAR team, who comprise mostly of New Zealand Fire Service members, were put through a number of tests.  With 130-odd things to get right and none to get wrong, we followed two of the teams through a small portion of the demanding challenges that were set in front of them.

Big chunks of concrete to get through, no problem. No sleep, no problem. Changing circumstances, no problem. After 36 hours under the pump, one of their responses to our incessant “this will be the last question I promise”  was “bring it on!” We reckon they were pretty awesome dudes and definitely the fellas you want to come looking for you in case of an emergency.

The Team

Director & Editor: Hamish Johnson
DOP & Drone Op: Mike Nelson
Sound: Tony Spear
Cameras: FS7, GoPro & Drone

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