Mini Documentary for Channel 5 BBC UK

Commissioned by Phoenix Foundation

A little bit about this Project

In 2012 iconic New Zealand band The Phoenix Foundation toured UK and Europe to play the summer festival circuit.

They asked us to produce a 10′ doco to play on the BBC music channel that would give viewers a bit of an idea of what the band were like, and showcase snippets of their music throughout.

For us it was a perfect storm of fun because a) we love their music b) they have an unconventional interview style (they pretty much just bounce off each other) and c) we got to edit in some of their amazing pre-existing music videos.

Our Approach

Shot on location at The Phoenix Foundation’s Newtown studios by David Paul on the Sony F3 with Zeiss cineprimes.

Graphics by Lucas Brooking.

Edited, Produced and Directed by Hamish Johnson.

Despite the 24 hour, 15 gig upload to an FTP site this project was an absolute pleasure and remains to be one of our favourite documentaries.

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