Rangitane – Guardians of the mountain

Commissioned by Pukaha Mt Bruce and DOC

A little bit about this Project

Commissioned as one of three videos by Flying Saucer for the cinema at Pukaha Mt Bruce’s interactive centre.

We were asked to tell the story of the relationship between the local iwi Rangitane, and Mt Bruce – of which they are guardians.

Somewhere between documentary and story telling, this piece has always resonated with us as a slice of New Zealand’s culture.

Our Approach

Filmed over two days with the help of Rangitane (in particular Mike Kawana and his son), who had never acted before.

Shot by Hamish Waterhouse and with some amazing location sound via the energetic Tony Speer ( cue 3: 45am wake ups for dawn chorus calls ).

Big help composing a great sound track by Conrad Wedde of the Phoenix Foundation, to produce a great soundscape.

Produced, directed and edited by Hamish Johnson.

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