Shakespeare…one of the biggest writers in our history of drama, murders, conquests, betrayal, romance and unrequited love, to name but a few.

So many options to choose from. In the end we loved the idea of the skull – hugely symbolic with much of Shakespeare’s writing. ¬†All we need to do was establish a wonderful entrance for such a dark symbol. Enter: the scene one medical skull which was lovingly rendered with putty, varnish, multiple sanding and numerous coats of electric blue paint.

The Team

Producer & Director: Hamish Johnson
Production Manager: Ants Faifai
Agency: The Church (now Designworks)
DOP: David Paul
Lighting: Byron Sparrow
Styling: Gabrielle Stevenson
Makeup: Dara Wakely
Camera: RED Epic @ 300fps
Studio: Avalon

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