To be honest, when we got this job we did get slightly over-excited.

TNZ wanted to capture some footage of cruise ships through some of New Zealand’s most majestic landscapes.  Trying to get the combination of right ships (never call them ‘boats’) in the right locations with the right weather was certainly a challenge…especially when the first day’s fine forecast in Milford Sound was proven incorrect after we had arrived with two helicopters and a bunch of cineflex capability.

Luckily for us ,we had Peter Thompson (who invented the cineflex) as an operator, and Alfie from Southern Lakes Helicopters who could put the chopper wherever we wanted and made even the greyest weather look mystical. When you work for the best, you work with the best and that’s we did.  We brought in people with as much experience as anyone else in the world for what we wanted to do.

We shot over three days across Marlborough, Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds.We also had a small crew onboard for 24 crazy hours(only because none of us had been on a cruise ship before) from Milford Sound to Dunedin.

This is some of the video from the shoot that made TNZ very happy.

The Team


Producer: Bonnie Slater
Director: Hamish Johnson
DOP: Peter Thompson
Helicopter: Alife from Southern Lakes Helicopters

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