How does one capture the beauty of bees? Such tiny creatures that just so happen to move really, really, really quickly!

Watson & Son approached us to film one of their teams during one of their summer harvests. Sounds great…even if both the Director and DOP are both highly allergic to bees!

Armed with EpiPens, we headed out to what has got to be one of the most remote locations we have ever filmed at.  Picture driving from Wellington to Ekatahuna and then hanging a right towards the coast for a 1.5 hour dirt road journey.  Are we there yet? Well kind of…we’re at the farm station where the crew is! Now all we need to do is track down the honey crew…which ended up being another 2 hours of slow driving.  Talk about epic!

What transpired can be seen in some of the stunning footage captured by Havoc (aka Mike Nelson). Big ups to everybody involved, especially Denis from Watson & Son for sorting out the BBQ and the Waygu beef!

The Team

Director & Editor: Hamish Johnson
DOP: Mike Nelson
Camera: Sony FS7 @ 70-120fps 

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