In the last 18 months we have registered a real growth in Safety videos.

With the new Health and Safety Laws coming into effect – many businesses have used video to communicate safety messaging in a number of different ways and it’s up to organisations like us to be able to help people do it interesting ways.

Safety can be talked about at different levels and video can do this very effectively, so we thought it would be useful to highlight a three different examples we have worked on recently.

Inspire Group worked with us to produce an on site Health and Safety Induction video for LT Mcguinness and  anyone entering one of their building sites.  The Bowen Campus in Wellington is one of the largest construction projects in Wellington and will be so for the next 3 years.  Hundreds of contractors can visit the site each day and LT Mcguiness need a way to ensure site specific safety messaging is communicated.  Detailed information and instruction is provided via video and every contractor is required to also sit ( and pass ) a test to ensure the video messaging was understood.

LT Mcguinness have fed back on the benefits of having a tool that is is clear and coherent in it’s messaging, gives specific information is understandable,  and most importantly engaging for their audience.

Safety messaging can also hit different tones and good example of this is in a piece of work we recently completed with Mountain Safety Council.   They had recently completed a large body of research resulting in a lot of really telling statistics around Duck Hunting, firearm incidents and their causes.  We worked with them through the material to boil a large swathe of information down into what we agreed were the two main pieces of information.

1  -The majority of duck hunting accidents happen on opening weekend

2 – Most accidents are a result of gun mishandling and are preventable.

We decided that instead of getting into the specifics of causes, accident types and injury types which in our mind would lose impact though detail, we would tell one story.  We wanted the story to be impactful, to be real and to be in line with the overarching Mountain Safety Council messaging around #staysafe.

The result is a singleminded video that is reaching 10s of 000s of viewers in the run up to the opening weekend of Duck Hunting ( see link below )


Audiences are particularly engaged to video when it comes to personal stories and this is true for Safety videos as well.

We worked with Fatigue Risk Management and the Log Transport Safety Council recently, to create a safety video for people working in the logging transport industry.  A number of contributing factors result in Fatigue being a really big issue for Logging Truck Drivers and we worked with two drivers who suffered from Obstructive Sleep Apnea to tell their stories.

Having two people speak openly,  speak honestly and without pretext makes for not just compelling watching but very powerful messaging ( see link below).