“Why dad?”.

Being blessed with a couple of kids aged 3 and 5, I am very much in the world of, (aside from midnight wake up calls for peanut butter sandwiches, glasses of water, requests to check under the bed for monsters and cuddles), the word “why”.

Maggie, our eldest, seems to have a really rational detective-like brain with her questions, like: “Dad, if Cinderella’s clothes all turned back into rags, why did her shoe not disappear too?”

Baxter, who is 3, is still in the “but whhhhhhyyyyyy???” stage when it comes to things like being told clothes are a prerequisite for outside adventures in the middle of winter.

“Why” can be a tricky environment – a door that can open into many realms of explanation and head-scratching and one that you can make you feel like, after a long days work, just shutting down so you can get to the Pinot in the cupboard as quickly as possible.

Even if I’m really tired, I try as hard as I can to embrace our kids’ curiosity. Not just because I want to see which rabbit hole my kids’ imagination heads down but mostly because I think “why?”, “what?” and “how?” are a fundamental questions we should always keep asking.  Not just at home, but also at work.

Each year, Flying Saucer engages in anywhere from 20 to 40 projects with a huge variety of businesses across many different industries, from high-temperature super conductors, to bee-keeping in remote regions of Aotearoa, to organisations like the Salvation Army.

On every single one of these projects we use these words a lot: Why do you think video will work for you? Who are your customers/audiences? What makes them tick? How do you communicate with them? What would the goal of a video be?

The curiosity factor drives us to understand each and every business – what makes it tick and why it does what it does.  If we are to produce something that is relevant, meaningful and useful to any of our clients, “why?” and other questions need to be in the conversation. A lot.

So when you work with us, you’ll get a few questions.  What you’ll also find is that those questions will lead you to having much more engaging content that works for you.